“We were green before green was cool!”

National Asset Recovery Specialists is the leader in Hard to Recycle Items.

Our company has created many innovative programs across North America; finding ways to divert hard to recycle materials such as EPS (Styrofoam), #3-7 plastics and grocery bags. Currently, we divert over a million pounds of this hard to Recycle material each year.


NARS offers over 21 years of consulting and management experience in post-consumer materials recycling, providing short- and long-term strategic, technical and management solutions. Our primary area of expertise is in plastic; notably plastic packaging.   We bring a complex understanding of its lifecycle - from collection to recycling infrastructure and end-use markets.

National Asset Recovery Specialists Limited over the last few years has worked with a number of municipalities in Ontario and other parts of Canada to establish proper collection and processing of film and other plastics.

At present we handle more than 1000 metric tons per month of post consumer and industrial material from municipalities throughout Ontario and the East Coast of Canada.

What we do!

National Asset Recovery Specialists Ltd.

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